Service Cloud – Console Deploy

  • 1. Highlight panels
  • 2. Interaction Logs (usually not necessary)
  • 3. Support Settings, Templates
    • Disable new Case Comment because we can create our own customized email workflow on Case Comment {!Case.Last_Case_Comment}
  • 4. Escalation Rules

Only 1 Primary Contact per Account

Use Case: There should only be 1 primary billing contact per account. Any additional billing contacts should be restricted. The checkbox on Contact can also be unchecked, which should uncheck the Account checkbox, and only then can another billing contact be marked.

Solution: Combination of a process builder triggered on contact and a validation rule.

PB – If True, Record Update the [Contact].Account ID, where Account.PrimaryBillingContact is checked.

VR – Fires depending on whether Account.PrimaryBillingContact is checked

For the unchecking:

PB – If False, ISCHANGED(Contact.PrimaryBillingContact) && PRIORVALUE(Account.PrimaryBillingContact)=False

Additional Tools – Data, Visual, Collab

  • Workbench – Metadata and quick SOQL queries. Superior than DataLoader IMO
  • – Keeps history and backlog of data loads
  • Slideshare – Salesforce channel for slides and high level content
  • Lucid Charts – ERD mockups
  • Balsamiq – UI mockups

Data session

  • – Scrape data from websites. Self learning. I.e. Map or retail front end data extractor.
  • – Publish interactive data sets for collaboration and/or embed them on websites
  • – Visual database sets for publishing and collab, more academic feel. Large connections to programming language libraries

Excel Data tricks after extensive normalization/ cleanup

Data Tricks for the Excel dummy (aka me)

  • Vlookup – Always copy/paste values afterward
  • Cell concatenation – & and ” “
  • Index match – Index(“Array of the data you want”, Match (“Unique value you’re matching”,”Table of values you’re matching to”, 0 for exact match))
  • Simple data de-duplication – Excel data tab, filters out unique values
  • Filter/ Sort – for manual de-duplications
  • View Panes – Useful for viewing multiple worksheets in different workbooks
  • Crtl + – deletes rows/ columns

Calculate and Display Days, Hours, Minutes

Text Formula field:

FLOOR(SAL_Timestamp__c – CreatedDate)
) & ” Days ” &
ROUND(MOD((SAL_Timestamp__c – CreatedDate)*24,24),0)
) &” Hours ” &
ROUND(MOD((SAL_Timestamp__c – CreatedDate)*1440,60),0)
) &” Minutes ”

WHERE SAL_Timestamp__c is a custom date/time field autopopulated by a workflow action.