Wave Analysis & Comments

I’m been playing with Wave Analytics for the past 4 weeks and I’m fairly impressed thus far. Compared to its previous forms, it’s come on a long journey and I believe is close to becoming a truly usable business tool. It’s UX focused with smooth transitions and incredible modern graphics. What it doesn’t yet have though is the maturity of documentation and community support around making small but significant customizations on the go. (For example, it took me hours of playing around to realize that picklist formulas don’t work in the same way as standard reporting and that those values needed to be hardcoded in the backend).

Here’s a breakdown summary (w comments):

  • Wave is designed from the ground up for business users. No complex schemas or SQL commands. This leads to a culture of self-service. 
  • Native “ad-hoc” data exploration – not limited to pre-configured drill downs. This enables end-users to easily ask deeper questions of their data without having to engage IT.
    • Can drilldown into “Lens” on each section to see the reporting details although hover on data points will tell you specific field information as well.
  • Embedded analytics – Easily embed Wave into in any Salesforce object (account, opportunity, etc.) right where your employees are already working.  Adoption suffers when users are asked to use an external system and get slowed down.
    • Easily embed into a layout, Web Tab, or App.
  • Only Wave offers the ability to take immediate action with our “Action Framework” at the point of insight.  When a user discovers an insight into the business, it’s possible to create a task or case (or other custom action) within the context of exploration.
  • Native collaboration and sharing via Chatter, email, and Excel
  • Wave extends the Salesforce security model to control access to sensitive data. This is a huge savings since IT does not have to maintain a custom security model or distribute unique file updates to each user group.
    • Pre-approved Salesforce platform ensures that same level of Enterprise security with this tool. The company usually won’t have to re-evaluate the compliance of Wave although it lives in a separate server then Sales Cloud in order to index and operate at a higher level.
  • The full technology stack – customer does not have to procure and maintain on premise storage/compute, which frees IT resources.
  • Browser based and mobile first, no thick client for dashboard creation.  Works well on all platforms including 100% featured native apps for tablet and smart phone.
    • Mobile compatible for those reps who are constaly on travel.
  • Salesforce Wave is 100% cloud meaning hosting and automatically upgraded three times annually and patched by Salesforce – which frees up IT resources.
  • Salesforce Wave can handle many data sources without requiring a data warehouse build (if you had a DW we can plug directly into it).
  • Salesforce Wave is based on schema-free Inverse Index search engine technology – high performance and scalability far beyond what relational databases can offer.
  • The Wave roadmap – Rapid innovation available today and continues with Einstein for Wave (Predictive and Prescriptive analytics)
  • Apps for Everyone and the Wave App Exchange: Pre-built apps for Sales, Service and Marketing already available with more to come.  15 ISV apps for Wave available today with many more on the way.
  • Seamlessly integrated with Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud and Salesforce App Cloud. These clouds are upgraded from a single vendor to ensure forward compatibility. No data-in-transit issues to worry the customer.




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