Salesforce Lightning Part 1


Home is the first place you’ll land when you log into Salesforce. It’s a modern, intelligent home page, featuring a number of tools to help you start your day fast. From Home, you can monitor your performance to goal and get insights on key accounts. You can also access the Assistant, a list of things to do and places to be.

  • Use the Assistant to identify exactly what you need to be doing today
  • Use the Performance Chart to monitor how close you are to crushing your number
  • Get insights fast with Account News and social highlights
  • Focus your selling activities on your Top Deals

Checking out Reports, Dashboards, Feeds, and More

  • Create a chart to visualize list view data
  • As a quick reminder, there are two user experiences in Salesforce: Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. When you’re working with reports in Salesforce, you can run them in both places, but you can only create them in Salesforce Classic. To learn more about these two experiences, complete the Salesforce User Basics module.


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