Getting the Most Out of the Opportunity Workspace

  • Lightning Sales Path – This gives new customization around picking key fields to complete at each stage and a Guidance for Success text section. These aid and reminds Sales Reps in their steps through the process similar to what the CCS methodology might implement.
  • Lightning Board – Showcases deals at each Stage of the Sales Process.

Customizing Actions

  • Object-specific actions let users create records that have automatic relationships to other records, make changes and updates to specific records, and interact with records in ways you define. For example, a user can open a support case, click on your object-specific “Create Follow-Up” action, and quickly create a new task that’s automatically associated with the support case.
  • Global actions enable users to create object records, but there’s no automatic relationship between the record that’s created and any other record. You can use global actions wherever actions are supported in Salesforce.

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