Admin – Migrating to Lightning Experience

  • Getting Started with Lightning Experience
  • Classic has row tabs vs. Lightning has left-hand menu tabs
    • New flexible interactive data
  • Deciding If Lightning Experience Is Right for You
    • Cannot use Inline editing, URL buttons, and customizable tabs
    • Review gap differential between the two functions
  • Enabling Lightning Experience
    • Enabling Lightning enables for all Standard Profiles
    • Setup | Lightning Experience
  • Navigating Lightning Experience and Setup
    • New re-organized Setup tree
    • Consolidation of certain nodes and nesting of others
  • Exploring the New Sales Tools
    • The Board – View combined values of all opptys, Drag & Drog
    • Sales Paths – Interactive sales process per RT
    • Activity Timeline – Consolidated into Timeline & Next Steps
  • Exploring Other Enhancements
    • Performance – Closed opportunities, or open opportunities with a probability over 70% during the current quarter
    • Multicurrency supported but custom fiscal year is not supported in Lightning Experience
    • The Assistant shows your users things they need to address, including upcoming and overdue tasks, new leads, and activities related to opportunities
    • You can’t customize the layout of the Home page
    • There’s no alphabet rolodex for list views. Infinite scrolling.
    • Custom buttons and custom actions aren’t supported for list views or list view items.
  • Customizing the User Interface
    • Edit Highlight panel fields to display company Layout interface
    • Custom URL buttons don’t work
  • Understanding How Actions Work in Lightning Experience
    • The actions in each section of the record page respect the ordering of its types of actions on the page layout.
  • Educating Yourself and Your Company on Lightning Experience
    • Find Sponsor and keep them involved
    • Access Impact through gap analysis
  • Crafting and Executing Your Rollout Strategy
    • Find a good time – Sales Kickoff, End of Quarter (low season)
  • Rolling Out Lightning Experience
    • Enlist help from a super user
    • Measure baseline before rollout
    • Conduct surves, focus groups

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